Welcome to Firearms UK

Firearms UK is an Association campaigning for the protection of firearms ownership within the UK. Primary objectives are to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community and to promote and defend individual firearms ownership and the shooting sports.

Our website aims to provide a repertoire of news and information and to serve as an aide memoir for educating those on the fringes of our communities, such as friends and family members who are less knowledgeable about firearms and their use within the UK.

Urgent or Important Updates

Unity Campaign

Our Unity campaign is continuing to grow and achieve more support. Our petition to HM Government has part of the campaign has now surpassed 13,00 signatures and has received an official response after clearing the first 10,000 land mark. Our first of a series of posters to promote the campaign, and the petition specifically have now been produced and are awaiting printing. This first poster is designed to raise awareness and encourage support at gun clubs, ranges and shooting grounds across the UK. Further posters will be produced as the campaign progresses.

For further information on the campaign please visit our dedicated webpage which highlights the campaigns official supporters and provides full details of the campaigns launch and a list of resources for further reading. If you can offer support to the campaign or have any suggestions for future actions please send us an e- mail to contact@firearmsuk.org.

EU Elections

This May will see the elections to the European Parliament take place across Europe and represents a crucial opportunity for law abiding firearms owners and enthusiasts to engage and assert our views as part of the democratic process. To this end we have now launched a new campaign to increase awareness over the threats to shooting and firearms ownership from within the EU and encourage all those impacted to lobby their representatives to ensure our views as law abiding firearms owners and shooters are not ignored.

NEW Shooting Survey

A new survey as now been launched to prepare an updated report on the benefits of shooting sports to the UK. We urge you all to take 10 minutes out of your day and complete this short survey. If you are pressed for time you can complete the short version, or complete it with more detail.

Natural England General & Class Licence Consultation

Natural England have launched a consultation on the General and Class licence, beginning on 24th February until Monday 19th May. The consultation is wide reaching, and places a particular emphasis on pest control related activities. We encourage all firearms owners and shooters, irrespective of their discipline to respond to the consultation in support of those who would be directly impacted by the proposed changes. Further information and a detailed response by Firearms UK Association will be made available in due course.

Something We’ve missed?

If you feel we have missed an important update, please drop us an e-mail at contact@firearmsuk.org with the details.

Other Updates & News

Limited Edition Merchandise

To celebrate our first year anniversary we have had produced our first piece of limited edition merchandise, a lapel pin with our 1st Year Anniversary Logo. This design of lapel pin will not be produced again, and only 90 were put up for sale, giving you a limited opportunity to help support Firearms UK by modestly investing in a genuine limited edition piece of Firearms UK history. There is a small quantity still available for sale for £3.95 including shipping within the UK, you can purchase them via our merchandise page, don’t leave it too late and be disappointed. Photos shared with us featuring our merchandise is displayed on our Pinterest board, please check it out.