Welcome to Firearms UK

Firearms UK is an Association campaigning for the protection of firearms ownership within the UK. Primary objectives are to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community and to promote and defend individual firearms ownership and the shooting sports.

Our website aims to provide a repertoire of news and information and to serve as an aide memoir for educating those on the fringes of our communities, such as friends and family members who are less knowledgeable about firearms and their use within the UK.

Urgent or Important Updates

Please take a few moments to respond to this survey for British Shooting. The survey hopes to help the National Governing Bodies understand those who partake in shooting and how they can better work to improve your experience. “All those completing the survey will have the opportunity to be entered into a draw to win £50. The winner will be notified after 6th July 2014 when the survey will close.”

Something We’ve missed?

If you feel we have missed an important update, please drop us an e-mail at contact@firearmsuk.org with the details.

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