Land Authority Form

We have produced a “Land Authority Form” which you may use for confirming, in writing, the details of your shooting permission. We recommend that you carry a copy of the signed form with you when out shooting, perhaps as a scan or photograph on your mobile phone.

The form may be used to provide evidence of “good reason” during Shotgun/Firearms Certificate grants and renewals. For those on their first Firearms Certificate the form may also be used to notify your local Firearms Licensing Department of new shooting permission obtained. N.B. This should be done prior to you shooting on the new permission.

Firearms UK Land Authority Form

6 responses to “Land Authority Form

  1. Hi. Great idea but I think the police use only box should be moved to the bottom of the form as at present it divides information supplied by the landowner and may cause confusion.

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  3. do you need the landowners permission ? here in iraq you dont

  4. Yes you do, otherwise you’ll end up with a Armed Response Team paying you a visit, then you’ll be off to jail.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Brilliant and excellent help you have provided for those of us wishing to apply for a firearms license whereby ‘Good reason’ is required.
    I have a shotgun certificate but wish to now move up to a firearms certificate.
    I will be printing out this form but can you help me with address of a location where I can actually insert to shoot on land type.