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Unity Campaign April 2014 Poster

The first poster for our Unity campaign. Professionally printed A5 copies are available whilst stocks last, if you are interested in obtaining some to promote the campaign please send us an e-mail to

March 2014 Shooting Mat Free Prize Draw

Please help us spread the word about our great new free prize draw by sharing, RT’ing and pinning up our poster (where authorized to do so). Full details of how to enter can be found here, thank you.

Firearms UK Shooting Mat Free Prize Draw Poster

Logo Patch Promotion Poster

We have now developed a promotional poster to help spread the word of our merchandise and our new logo patches in particular. All proceeds from the sale of our merchandise goes directly to funding the Firearms UK organisation and our work in promoting and defending firearms ownership and the shooting sports. We would appreciate it if you could request a poster be pinned up in your local gun shop, shooting ground or any other premises where you could be granted permission to put up a poster.

If you would prepare a black and white version, we have on available, thank you for your support.

Firearms UK promotional merchandise poster in full colour

Please vote: support the troops, defend your sport

Please vote in this charity competition; support the troops and defend your sport!

RBL and LACS Poster

A message of thanks

A message of thanks to everyone who supported the No to Airgun Licensing campaign

Judgement Day

A Firearms UK meme with a Judgement Day theme

I Signed the Petition… Did You?

An important Firearms UK campaign poster

Well are you?


Please join us on our Facebook page to discuss this or any other firearms and shooting related topics.

You are needed NOW!

A Firearms UK poster