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MSP Email Addresses (12th January 2016)

MSP Email Addresses

Gunplan Discount

Firearms UK have arranged a 5% discount for our supporters with the shooting insurance company Gunplan.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support in what we do.

Gunplan 5% Discount, click here

Updated: 14th May 2016 (5% discount)

RACKNLOAD Firearms & Shooting Community


RACKNLOAD is an online community based around a sizable Facebook group which hosts an international membership of firearm and shooting enthusiasts covering a wide range of interests and disciplines. No one is made to feel unwelcome regardless of the discipline you favor or the amount of experience you have or lack. Whether your main interest is historic military rifles or Airsoft you will find a warm welcome.

The Group

At the time of writing the Facebook group has over 1,400 members covering a diverse range of interests and shooting disciplines. Unlike some groups which are heavily focused towards one discipline, sport or even nationality RACKNLOAD is open to anyone and anything remotely of interest to those with an passion for firearms and shooting… even posting about Call of Duty won’t get you shown to the door!

The group is a full multimedia experience with members uploading home made videos as well as photos on a frequent basis, this not only keeps the group interesting and fun it helps everyone get familiar with disciplines and subjects they are new to. A video of practical shotgun is a great way to showcase a discipline a clay pigeon shooter may never of considered before for example.

The YouTube Channel

On the YouTube Channel you will find videos show casing all types of shooting action from centre fire rifle to Airsoft.

Gun and gear reviews will make an appearance.

There will also be some politically orientated videos which will touch on firearms law, threats to shooting and pro-gun vs anti-gun interactions, such as the one bellow.

The Page

The RACKNLOAD Facebook page is most well known for the interesting or beautifully attractive (If you love guns like us) photos, such as the examples bellow.

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More Information

For those of you on Twitter you’ll be pleased to know that so is RACKNLOAD. If you tend to forget to check your YouTube account then following the Twitter feed will let you know when new videos are published. You can follow at

If you love to promote great products and groups like we do at Firearms UK you may be interested to know that Velcro patches are now available, so you can show just how much you love all things RACKNLOAD and help the group grow by adding a patch to your gun bag or other kit :-) The patches are sized at 9cm x 6cm and are priced at £6 including global shipping with £1 from every purchase going to Help for Heroes. Please see the group for how to order.

RACKNLOAD patch next to some empty brass

Looking for an incredibly tough gun case?

These Explorer Cases have been brought to our attention some of which are designed for transporting firearms and may interest some of you, such as the ones shown in the preview bellow. Other cases, such as the “multiple weapons” cases (some on page 23) might interest some of our US followers.

Explorer Tough Cases Brochure

BASC: Be cautious about cautions

BASC guidance document on police Cautions

County Deer Stalking

We would like to introduce you all to a fabulous resource, of particular interest to the deer stalkers amongst you, the County Deer Stalking online magazine.

County Deer Stalking online magazine home page

The magazine is very well put together and is full of information to the benefit of novice and seasoned stalker alike. Within the online pages you will find rifle reviews, in-depth discussions on the best calibre for deer stalking and information on UK law as it relates to deer stalking.

In addition to their website County Deer Stalking also have a Facebook page and are on Twitter. Please do us a favor and give their page a ‘Like’, it deserves many more likes than it currently has we are sure you’ll agree.

Response from Gemma Doyle (Labour)

If you would to discuss this letter, the issues it touches upon or anything else related to shooting sports or firearms ownership then please join us in the discussions on our Facebook page.

Gunning for justice and reason; Shooting Times

If you would to discuss this article, the issues it touches upon or anything else related to shooting sports or firearms ownership then please join us in the discussions on our Facebook page.

D.Camo Designs Website Launch

Back in July we provided you with an introduction to D.Camo Designs, a company who provides custom spraying of camouflage for air rifles and other equipment. Well, they now have their own website, so please take a look and see what you think.

Contributing to Wikipedia

Steve Page, one of our supporters has been working on our behalf to tackle an editing bias on Wikipedia which has resulted in a section on Firearms UK to be systematically deleted time and time again. As part of this effort Steve has kindly produced a guest post for us on this topic; shown bellow, please give it a read and share widely, thank you.

Sportsmen and women up and down the country who shoot face an uphill battle fighting ignorance, discrimination and malicious bias on a daily basis, what doesn’t help is when Wikipedia is used as a tool to promote an anti-gun agenda. Let’s be completely honest, it isn’t all Wikipedia editors by a long shot; however, there are a few anti-gun editors attempting to control certain shooting associated articles on the site, one of the articles being Gun Politics Of The United Kingdom.

The fact is that Wikipedia increasingly has become the number one research tool used by young people, students and adults as their primary source of knowledge, the online encyclopaedia has become immensely powerful and relevant in today’s world, subsequently when the system employed to prevent vandalism is misused to promote a certain biased point of view and complaints swept aside by obviously anti-gun lobby admins something needs to be done and the only way that can be achieved is by concerned shooters getting involved, so please Create a Wikipedia account on Wikipedia, search for the various articles connected to shooting in the UK and help put some balance back into the articles.

One of the most powerful tools in our arsenal is passion, combine that with a dedication to track down and employ factual accuracy and half our job is done.

  1. Always ensure your facts are correct and that you can point to reliable sources such as newspapers, magazines and books to promote your position and most importantly ensure you cite your facts in the article itself.

  2. Always edit the article from a neutral point of view otherwise the crazy anti-gun lobby will pounce on you and delete all your hard work.

  3. Always check the article’s ‘Talk’ page, a talk page offers the ability to discuss articles and other issues with editors. I have linked the Gun Politics Of The UK talk page as an example:

  4. Be firm but fair, always assume good faith even when others do not.

The UK shooting community has for far too long put on their helmets, battened down the hatches in the hope it’ll all go away, the problem is it hasn’t, every day that goes by the national impression of shooting gets ever worse, yesterday it was believing (promoted by mischievous elements in the media) that all gun crime is committed by legally-held firearms, today it’s an attempt to connect shooting with pornography.There is only one direction we can take now and that is forward, to be brave enough to challenge the media’s tarnished image of shooting and firearms then present to the nation a group of enthusiasts who are law-abiding and just like them.