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Armed and Female
“Relating her own and others’ experiences as victims of crime, the former anti-gun lobbyist argues that Mace and karate are ineffective protection and discusses the ethics of using weapons, how children can be kept safe from guns owned in the home, which gun to buy and the gun laws of each state.”

Does The Trigger Pull The Finger?
“In the wake of yet another spree killing in the UK, the authors ask: should our gun laws be made any tighter? The answer’s an unequivocal No. The UK’s firearms laws are already inconsistent and profoundly illogical. Their administration has turned into a massive bureaucratic job-creation scheme, and is a disgrace to the police service. And if that’s not enough for you, they have been unlawful since 1998, as well as unconstitutional.”

Guns and Violence: The English Experience
“Behind the passionate debate over gun control and armed crime lurk assumptions about the link between guns and violence. Indeed, the belief that more guns in private hands means higher rates of armed crime underlies most modern gun control legislation. But are these assumptions valid? Investigating the complex and controversial issue of the real relationship between guns and violence, Joyce Lee Malcolm presents an incisive, thoroughly researched historical study of England, whose strict gun laws and low rates of violent crime are often cited as proof that gun control works.”

More Guns, Less Crime
“A compelling book with enough hard evidence that even politicians may have to stop and pay attention. More Guns, Less Crime is an exhaustive analysis of the effect of gun possession on crime rates.” – James Bovard, Wall Street Journal

Shooter’s Bible Guide to Firearms Assembly, Disassembly, and Cleaning
“Shooter’s Bible, the most trusted source on firearms, is here to bring you a new guide with expert knowledge and advice on gun care. Double-page spreads filled with photos and illustrations provide manufacturer specifications on each featured model and guide you through disassembly and assembly for rifles, shotguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders. Step-by-step instructions for cleaning help you to care for your firearms safely. Never have a doubt about proper gun maintenance when you own the Shooter’s Bible Guide to Firearms Assembly, a great companion to the original.”

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