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Scottish Government to introduce Mandatory Airgun licensing

No to Airgun Licencing, England & Wales

Bellow you will find an example of a letter you can send to your MP. The aim of the letter is to register your opposition to the licencing of Airguns, both in Scotland and in England and Wales. Crucially you can also use such a letter to request your MP to support lawful airgun owners, and to not support any proposals to introduce similar legislative changes as that suggested by the Scottish government for England and Wales.

To find out who your local MP is we recommend the use of a website called “WriteToThem”. On the website you simply enter in your postcode and it’ll provide you with details of your MP and offer a “letter mailing service”.

Dear Sir or Madam

I write to register my increasing concern with you over the events that have been taking place in Scotland over the issue of airgun licencing. Despite crime involving airguns being statistically insignificant the Scottish government are transfixed on forcing unnecessary and ill thought out restrictions against strong opposition, including a petition signed by over fourteen thousand.

My concerns are that regardless of the eventual outcome for Scottish airgunners, the proposals alone by the Scottish government will incite equally unfounded calls for similar measures to be applied in England and Wales. Airgun owners, as with legal firearms owners are overwhelmingly safe, responsible and law abiding people who just wish to pursue their hobbies or sport without needless bureaucracy and expense, which inevitably has a disproportionate impact on newcomers to the sport and those on a lower income.

I would ask that you do what you can to ensure your law abiding constituents don’t have to face similar discriminatory encroachments. Existing legislation is more than adequate to cater for any incidents of airgun misuse, as such I hope you agree that such proposals are not necessary and are a waste of resources, which can be better spent on genuine threats to public safety.

Yours sincerely,

Launch of New Petition

We have now launched our very own petition for the No To Airgun Licencing in England & Wales campaign. We hope to build on the momentum created with the similar campaign in Scotland to ensure that the idea of licencing low powered airguns as suggested by the Scottish Government goes no further than a mere idea within England & Wales.

For those new to the campaign you can find us on Facebook, and we also encourage you to keep up your support for our friends and colleagues in Scotland.

Consultation Now Closed for Responses

The consultation period is now closed for responses to the Scottish Governments proposals to licence airguns in Scotland. The opposition to the proposals as been loud and clear from the many shooting organizations, but also from a growing movement of everyday people. One of the highlights of the campaign against the proposals as been a petition carrying close to fourteen thousand signatures.

There as always been a fear that the Scottish Government will try and force these proposals through no matter what, but the voice of reason and opposition to it as been loud and will continue to grow no matter what the outcome may be.

We at Firearms UK would like to thank everyone who as been involved. Every signature, every response and every letter you wrote is one step closer to victory. We would also like to remind people that there is more work to be done. Keep up the pressure on your MSP’s, share your views with those around you, tackle oppression towards those within the firearms and shooting communities and educate people on the failings of these proposals. We also encourage you all to take part in our campaign to ensure that these proposals never get a foothold in England and Wales, by signing our petitions and supporting our Facebook Page, No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales.

New Campaign Logo

Alan Brown as come through for us once more with another great logo designed to complement the Firearms UK logo and the No to Airgun Licencing in Scotland campaign logo.

No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales

No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales Campaign Logo