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Facebook & Instagram; An Update

After raising a concern over a potential policy change regarding firearm related pages on Facebook, today we have been made aware of this update from Facebook.

In this regard we do not anticipate any further action being necessary at this time, however we will provide further updates should it become necessary.

Facebook and Instagram

VentureBeat, an American media outlet has reported on a US petition raised by ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ and ‘Moms Demand Action’ in which the Social Media network Facebook is lobbied to prohibit gun themed pages on sites it owns, Facebook itself and Instagram.

The article is US focused and relates directly to matters that arose within the US however if Facebook, who are ‘in negotiations’ with the petitioners and as stated discussions are ongoing and there have been positive developments suggesting talks from the petitioners perspective are favourable?

This must be a matter of concern to UK shooters and those who have both shooting related personal pages and of course the shooting organisations, Distributors, Retailers, etc own offerings via Facebook and Instagram.

If Facebook via their own site and that of Instagram relent and prohibit gun themed and firearms related pages in the US it is going to be a fairly short time afterwards, indeed if not at the same time that there is pressure brought to bear to implement the same regime to Facebook, etc internationally. The UK will potentially become a prime target for this when we consider the anti gun position so prevalent in this country already?

It has to be said that the division and lack of real support by some UK elements of shooting whilst they may not be immediately and directly detrimental they will certainly not help if, or perhaps more likely when, this becomes a real threat of definitive action.

Firearms UK campaigns for unity in shooting, to bring together and lobby for and on behalf of all those who are involved through whatever aspect of the subject and we will watch this closely and see if a response is required to future developments affecting the UK. We will also continue to offer our appropriate support to international groups.

We will monitor developments in this are and keep you informed.

Link to the original story: http://venturebeat.com/2014/03/03/facebook-to-announce-policy-changes-on-gun-themed-pages-exclusive

Content Updates

We do our best to update our website and social networks as often as possible, but with so many pressing issues that deserve our attention, we don’t always have the time or resources on hand to prepare a detailed “blog post” of every issue we tackle, or every piece of content we provide or update.

The majority of our most recent work will be listed on our blog page and shared on our Facebook page, but please continue to browse the website, especially the home page where significant and important updates which impact firearms ownership and shooting in the UK are mentioned. We also do our best to update and roll out new content on the rest of the website, though “live issues” tend to take priority over our time. If you have suggestions or would like to assist us by providing content or pictures for any of these pages please get in touch via our Facebook page or by e-mail at contact.firearms.uk@gmail.com, thank you.

Facebook Hate Group Targeted by Petition

We recently became aware of a petition gathering momentum against a Facebook page who seek to glorify and revel in injuries and deaths caused by hunting accidents. We at Firearms UK feel it is in the interest of hunters and shooters to publicize this petition and encourage you all to make up your own minds regarding whether to sign or not. There has been some discussion regarding whether it is best to leave the group be, so the wider public can see for themselves the hate that the opposition to the hunting and shooting community are prepared to dish out, whilst still claiming to be the innocent party, others want to see this page of hate removed.

What you can do?

Anyone connected with firearms or the shooting sports within the UK doesn’t have to think too hard to realize that our rights and their associated past times have been under attack for many a year, and are still under threat from ideologically motivated attacks, fueled by emotion and ignorance.

If you care as we do about our sports, our jobs and our rights,,, to be able to own firearms, go target shooting whether with rifle or shotgun, undertake some pest control or pursue game for the table then it is imperative that you stand up in their defense. The wolves of ignorance and gun control have long been circling and it is no longer acceptable for each shepherd to look after their own flock, we must unite as one and defend all of our remaining shooting rights, whilst we still have them to defend.

There are many things you can do to support your industry, hobby or sport and we have a collection of suggestions for you bellow:

  • Sign petitions, You’ll find some on the right hand side under Direct Action
  • Join a shooting organization, such as BASC or SACS
  • Introduce family, friends and co-workers to shooting, consider taking them to the range with you
  • Visit and contribute to related websites, YouTube channels and blogs
  • Write your own blog to show the positive side of firearms ownership, shooting and hunting
  • Take out a magazine subscription
  • Build your own airgun range and it share it with family and friends
  • Consider starting a shooting or hunting club
  • Join shooting and/or hunting clubs
  • Take out a subscription to a video site such as Shootingandmore.com
  • Like and be involved in shooting and hunting related Facebook pages
  • Praise shooting and hunting on Twitter, Our Twitter link is on the left
  • Buy books and videos on shooting and hunting and let us know what you think
  • lobbying doesn’t end when the campaigns come to a close… its important to write to MP’s and representatives to make sure you are being represented

There are also some suggestions on things we feel you should try to avoid:

  • Don’t jump to negative assumptions about other areas of shooting and hunting
  • Don’t rush to create a petition without checking if one already exists which covers your grievance or concern
  • If writing a petition, be concise and spell and grammar check

For more ideas and further reading we recommend the Supporting Shooting guide from BASC and the Support your Sport video which is available free from Shootingandmore.com

Supporting Letter to Gun Shops

Today we have begun e-mailing stockists of airguns asking them to support us and sign the No to Airgun Licensing in England & Wales petition. To take this further we have drafted an example letter which we have made available as a download, and we ask that you e-mail or post this or something similar to your local gun shops and airgun stockists. We would like as many people as possible to get involved on the Facebook page and sign the petition, through this we will be in the best position to halt another potential onslaught to our rights.

Support Request Letter to Gun Shops Word Document.

Once you confirm with us that a gun shop or other airgun stockist has stood with us and signed the campaign petition, as a thank you we will provide a link to their website and recommend them on our Appreciated… Gun Shops page, which is accessible on the left hand navigation menu.

Launch of New Petition

We have now launched our very own petition for the No To Airgun Licencing in England & Wales campaign. We hope to build on the momentum created with the similar campaign in Scotland to ensure that the idea of licencing low powered airguns as suggested by the Scottish Government goes no further than a mere idea within England & Wales.

For those new to the campaign you can find us on Facebook, and we also encourage you to keep up your support for our friends and colleagues in Scotland.

New Campaign Logo

Alan Brown as come through for us once more with another great logo designed to complement the Firearms UK logo and the No to Airgun Licencing in Scotland campaign logo.

No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales

No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales Campaign Logo

No to Airgun Licencing in England & Wales

Now that the Scottish Government have declared their intentions there are already petitions appearing calling for an introduction of the licencing of all airguns in England (high powered airguns are already licensed). We are strongly opposed to this, and would like to build upon an existing e-petition already in circulation to prevent such a change to existing legislation.

As with the Scottish campaign, the introduction of licencing or further restrictions as they apply to everyone will have a disproportionate effect on the law abiding, safe and responsible shooters and sportsmen and women. Such a licencing scheme will offer very little additional protection to the public who are already served by a myriad of laws on the sale, possession and use of airguns. The 2007 VCR act for example raised the age at which an airgun could be purchased from 17 to 18 and forced those selling airguns to become registered firearms dealers who are now not allowed to sell via mail order. From February 2011, the Crime and Security Act makes it an offence for a person in possession of an air gun to fail to take “reasonable precautions” to prevent someone under the age of 18 from gaining unauthorized access to it. Amongst additional well established law pertaining to the safe use of airguns it is also an offence to firing a pellet from the boundary of land which you have permission to shoot on. Those wishing to do harm will ignore such legislation, as they do so already, resulting in only the safe and responsible participants to face the burden, which we feel is unacceptable.

A Facebook Page for this campaign as now been setup and we encourage as many of you as possible to Like the page, upload content and to start and participate in discussions.