The Unity Campaign

A campaign led by Firearms-UK Association based upon our e-petition to HM Government, whom we respectfully request to make the necessary changes to the Firearms Act that would allow for .22 Rimfire pistols to be owned and used under the current section 1 certification system.

Shooting is one of the most enjoyable and inclusive sports there are, indeed almost everyone can participate in shooting of some form regardless of age, gender or physical ability, even visually impaired people can participate often competing directly with able bodied shooters. Shooting is also an interest that instills personal responsibility and discipline amongst its proponent’s, qualities that sometimes seem so neglected in modern society. It is a teaching aid encompassing so many science subjects. It is an incredibly social sport where lifelong friendships are forged, and a large contributor to the UK economy, its positive aspects are so often ignored or dismissed in today’s Britain.

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February 2014 saw an LBC97 Radio interview response to a listeners question by a high profile Political Party Leader in support of reconsideration of the UK Firearms Legislation to permit the return of prohibited firearms suggesting it is poorly drafted and unnecessary. Similarly national Newspaper’s have recently held online polls on their web sites in which significant support was in favour of the return of some prohibited firearms. These polls will contain responses from both shooters and non-shooters suggesting not inconsiderable public support for common sense approaches to legislation.

The recent hosting of the Olympic Games in London 2012, the pending Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 and the success and popularity of the shooting events, in addition to non sporting support already alluded to, and as a direct result of feedback from Firearms UK supporters and followers leads us to the conclusion the time is right to start this campaign that will enable the people of the UK to participate in this internationally recognised sport that is currently unavailable to the majority of the law abiding population.

We understand that “.22 pistols shooting” may not be of interest to all shooters but it was once a very popular and heavily participated activity so we encourage all firearms enthusiasts to support our petition in an act of support for shooting in general and as an act of solidarity which will set the scene for future challenges.

This initiative is one of many positive actions by Firearms UK working with the shooting community that will serve to redress the balance of UK law in favour of law abiding firearms enthusiasts.

Please follow this link to sign the official e-petition.

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To raise awareness of the Unity campaign our first of a series of posters have now been produced. This first version in addition to raising awareness of the campaign generally, aims to promote participation in the official e-petition and includes links to both this page and the petition itself. The poster also provides a snap shot of some of the campaigns official supporters.

More posters will be produced and distributed as the campaign progresses. A quantity of professionally printed copies of this first poster are available whilst stocks last, if you would like to display these printed copies please send your request to

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Having surpassed the first milestone of 10,000 signatures the petition has received the following official response.

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The following sections show our official counter to the above Government response, and responses sent to us for publication from Unity supporters.

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