Firearms UK is an organisation established to promote and protect firearms ownership and the shooting sports (primarily) within the UK. Our founding objectives are to encourage unity between the various sub-groups that make up the shooting community in the UK and to promote and support positive action by both organisations and members at the grassroots level in the defence of firearms ownership and shooting




Encourage positive action within the shooting community to become active in lobbying politicians.


Engage with and challenge misinformation in the media.


Educate the public and raise awareness of the real facts of shooting and firearms ownership.


Increase the number of firearms owners in the UK by encouraging shooters to introduce new people and providing information how to get involved.


Call for rational reform of our laws to return some rights lost to firearms enthusiasts & promote laws that actually do improve public safety without detriment to individual shooters rights.


The No to Airgun Licencing in Scotland campaign built up significant interest and motivation towards defending firearms ownership and the shooting sports. Amongst some of the most active participants in defence of Scottish airgun owners it was suggested that a new group be formed to keep up the momentum that had been achieved with a view to defend more generally firearms ownership and the wider shooting sports; not limited to airguns.


Firearms UK has continued to evolve and currently is more focused on efforts to provide a modern unified voice for UK shooting on social media, combat misinformation and engage with the media, educate the public, introduce people to shooting and encourage all shooters to be more active in doing the same.

Team members visited the Scottish Parliament, alongside BASC and SACS reps trying to fight against airgun licencing in Scotland.

Another one of our team featured on local news in her area.

Organised and worked with all the shooting organisations to create a petition to lift the ban on .22 pistols, whilst unfortunately a failure it achieved the most signatures of a petition of this nature to date.

Our team that noticed the slur by Counter Terrorist campaign that stated anyone with an interest in firearms should be reported to police.

We have been encouraging lobbying politicians around election time and collating data to try and get the best deal for shooters and giving them all the information they need.

We’ve been writing complaints to the media when they misrepresent shooting and UK laws or insulting us.

We kicked up a stink when an Anti-gun councillor gloated over the suicide of a gun owner.


Promoting and defending firearms ownership and shooting within the UK will take a long-term view and continued effort, as such to get anywhere we require your support, and actively encourage a support base from as wide a demographic as possible, reflecting the diversity of those with an interest in firearms ownership.


We have always encouraged our supporters to show their support by following our website and participating on our social networks, doing so enables everyone to expand upon their own knowledge, share ideas and it helps us to build our reach.


Now we are happy to say that you can also support us financially either by sending us a donation via our PayPal or by purchasing some of our merchandise; with either method, all of the proceeds go towards funding the Firearms UK organisation and the work we do in defence of firearms ownership and the shooting sports.

The following section will provide information on all of our Official Merchandise, including product ranges which are no longer available for sale. All of our merchandise can be purchased via our website in our shop. Other services we offer, as a means to generate revenue for Firearms UK Association are also featured on our merchandise page, although those services are not discussed here.

Official Velcro Patch

Our first piece of merchandise produced was our logo Velcro patch, featuring our official logo. The design is embroidered onto a Velcro backing, allowing the patch to be attached and removed quickly and easily to any piece of clothing or equipment with a suitable Velcro attachment, in the same way military morale patches are designed to do. The patches can also be sewn on either directly through the Velcro or by removing the Velcro prior to sewing.

Window Sticker Close Up

Static Cling Window Sticker

Our first line of window stickers are static cling, meaning they have no adhesive and rely on static to keep them attached to the window. They should stick facing inside or out, but are designed for internal use only. The design features our logo and our trademark text “Fighting for your rights” on a black background. Each sticker measures 3.8″x3.8″.

Lapel Pin Close up

1st Year Anniversary Lapel Pin

To mark the passing of the 1st anniversary of Firearms UK we produced a limited edition lapel pin featuring our 1st Year Anniversary logo as shown above. To make these extra special only a limited quantity where produced and at the time of writing only 90 where made available for general sale, with a small quantity held in reserve for members and presentations. The lapel pins measure 3/4″ and have a standard butterfly fixing on the back.

Firearms UK Lapel Pin

Official Logo Pin Lapel

Launched 8th July 2014 is a high quality lapel pin featuring our official logo. The size of the pin is 22mm, which is slightly larger than the previous limited edition lapel pins.

The following section will provide information on products which have been designed or have had prototypes produced, but have not become official merchandise, either because we went with an alternative design or product line, or simply because we are still developing our ideas or have not entered full scale production yet. These items are included here to complete our Official Merchandise section and add a touch of “behind the scenes” information for our supporters.

1st Anniversary Velcro Patch

The image on the left shows a mockup of our 1st Year Anniversary image, which was originally designed to feature on a Velcro patch, similar to our official logo patch. Although we are very happy with the way it was presented and the quality of manufacture, evidenced by our existing line of Velcro patches, through discussion we decided that the lapel pins are more likely to appeal to the widest demographics of our supporters, and that those who have already purchased our logo patch might be more interested in having a lapel pin in addition rather than another patch.


Prototype Firearm UK T-Shirts

The image on the right shows both the front and back of a very limited quantity of prototype t-shirts we had produced to generate some interest and obtain feedback on the design. Although we recognize there is a large demand for official Firearms UK t-shirts from our supporters, we are careful to not rush into the launch of a t-shirt range due to the large costs and storage requirements involved. We are likely to produce a line of t-shirts before the end of 2014 however.

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