Clay Shooting in Paralympic Games

As part of a long running campaign to get clay target shooting accepted as a discipline in the Paralympic Games the Disabled Shooters Group are currently on a fundraising drive to help send 6 of their own shooters to two events in 2014, commencing with a demonstration this July in Suhl, Germany during the IPC Shooting World Championships.

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This is a crucial step in the campaign to get para-clay shooting recognized as a Paralympic discipline and is something we are very proud to support. We have published a dedicated page in support of this effort and will be updating it as we launch initiatives in support and become aware of more information.

Please seriously consider making a contribution to this fundraising effort, not only will you directly be helping fellow shooters help promote the discipline of para-clay shooting you will also be helping to make history, by getting clay shooting accepted into the Paralympic Games which will yield wide reaching benefits for all shooters.

Either has a Firearms UK supporter or having become aware of this fundraising effort via our webpage or other promotion we also ask that you consider letting us know any contributions you make, this will allow us to compile a summary of the total contributions to this fundraising effort by Firearms UK and our supporters and followers.

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