Is shooting in the UK under threat?

Sign this petition! respond to this consultation, is something we are getting more and more used to hearing on the blogs, forums and in the magazines dedicated to shooting. With people petitioning left, right and centre, you’d be right to think the question I pose in the title is a no-brainer. Shooting in the UK is under threat, and unfortunately so long as we are wrongly associated with a criminal use of guns, it probably always will be.

All this noise, calling for unity, and defending our rights represents the most active of those who have recognised that the biggest threat to UK shooting is not EU law, or Tighter ownership restrictions but in fact us. Successful or not, these petitions and consultations are an opportunity for the shooting community and its supporters to let their voice as part of this community be heard, and stimulate more and more people to become active and get involved in defending their sport.

Currently we are seeing a trend of increased interest in campaigns, shown by the huge interest brought up through the recent WH smiths petition, and also the current No to air gun licensing in Scotland petition which both have seen support, unprecedented in recent times. I am proud to witness this trend, because its important to me, and it shows the recognition of thousands that its important to you.

Its your children plinking cans in the garden, its your summer evening walk-about, its your winter on the marsh, your Wednesday competition, its training your dogs for the pheasant season, its your job, its your hobby, it matters because its part of your life. The least we can do is make sure its there for our children and grand children to enjoy for years to come. The biggest threat to shooting is not speaking up when we are called to do so, luckily there is an easy answer to this; speak up, take every opportunity to defend the sport you love, it will be tedious frustrating and time consuming, shotguns, rifles, air rifles it does not matter, sign the damn petition because it might just might help us save our sport.

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