The slippery slope to totalitarianism

I just noticed one of the comments on the petition page and it caught my interest.

“the government are pricing me out of the only sport i enjoy . try making people apply for a football supporters licence, more people are killed and injured in football violence than with an air gun”

Now again I don’t believe in any infringement of peoples civil liberties or increasing red tape that affects law abiding majorities more than irresponsible minorities but it’s an interesting thought isn’t it.

Imagine asking all the anti gun people out they who are football fans(I know a few) if they would support paying for a licence and having to provide good reason to watch a football game and that you could only do it in proper supporters clubs. They would hit the roof and go on about how ridiculous that sounds yet they support the same intrusive measures against another group of people who want to enjoy their sports and hobbies.

Perhaps then they will see the light and it might penetrate their brains as to the total sham this is.

100 years ago if they talked about licencing shotguns it would have been thrown out as ridiculous, 50 years ago talk of licencing airguns would have been laughed at.

Maybe 50 years in the future you will have to have a licence for your football games and every other aspect of your life will be controlled. Perhaps once the media and Government have whipped up a big enough frenzy it will become law. “Because something has to be done”

People had best be careful what they wish for because if you start to let Governments regulate every single thing just for the sake of it then we are on the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

I believe it has already started and if all the gun owners do not take a stand on this who knows where it will end. You can try and keep your head down and say nothing and hope they will leave you alone but guess what? If you do nothing and the law changes you won’t have your guns or your sports anyway. The only way is to stand up and be counted. Fight for it or lose it.

I’ll close with my own opinion on how to combat violence and crime in our society. Identify root causes of crime and try to eliminate them and punish those that ACTUALLY break laws and cause harm or lose to others. How many laws do we have now that create offences from nothing?

It is time to reclaim our liberties.

I apologise for the rather long rant and I’m sure some will perhaps disagree but please discuss it and leave any comments you have.

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