What you can do?

Anyone connected with firearms or the shooting sports within the UK doesn’t have to think too hard to realize that our rights and their associated past times have been under attack for many a year, and are still under threat from ideologically motivated attacks, fueled by emotion and ignorance.

If you care as we do about our sports, our jobs and our rights,,, to be able to own firearms, go target shooting whether with rifle or shotgun, undertake some pest control or pursue game for the table then it is imperative that you stand up in their defense. The wolves of ignorance and gun control have long been circling and it is no longer acceptable for each shepherd to look after their own flock, we must unite as one and defend all of our remaining shooting rights, whilst we still have them to defend.

There are many things you can do to support your industry, hobby or sport and we have a collection of suggestions for you bellow:

  • Sign petitions, You’ll find some on the right hand side under Direct Action
  • Join a shooting organization, such as BASC or SACS
  • Introduce family, friends and co-workers to shooting, consider taking them to the range with you
  • Visit and contribute to related websites, YouTube channels and blogs
  • Write your own blog to show the positive side of firearms ownership, shooting and hunting
  • Take out a magazine subscription
  • Build your own airgun range and it share it with family and friends
  • Consider starting a shooting or hunting club
  • Join shooting and/or hunting clubs
  • Take out a subscription to a video site such as Shootingandmore.com
  • Like and be involved in shooting and hunting related Facebook pages
  • Praise shooting and hunting on Twitter, Our Twitter link is on the left
  • Buy books and videos on shooting and hunting and let us know what you think
  • lobbying doesn’t end when the campaigns come to a close… its important to write to MP’s and representatives to make sure you are being represented

There are also some suggestions on things we feel you should try to avoid:

  • Don’t jump to negative assumptions about other areas of shooting and hunting
  • Don’t rush to create a petition without checking if one already exists which covers your grievance or concern
  • If writing a petition, be concise and spell and grammar check

For more ideas and further reading we recommend the Supporting Shooting guide from BASC and the Support your Sport video which is available free from Shootingandmore.com

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