Eskdalemuir 2 mile range

Last Friday I got the opportunity to visit Eskdalemuir 2 Mile range, I first heard about the range when Helen dropped by our stand at the Northern Shooting Show and helped us touch base with Marc Gardener owner of Gardner’s guns and the range.

My first thoughts were mind blown that a facility like this existed in Scotland and I hadn’t heard about it. So a few months after the show I finally managed to get down for a visit and I was not disappointed. The 2 mile range is set amongst some very dramatic Scottish scenery and the steel plate set up is excellent. The 2 mile range is available for bookings 7 days a week and is the only facility of its type in the UK that is non-military.

On arrival I had quick cup of tea and a chat with Marc and Dave (not Firearms UK Dave) in the comfortable clubhouse, which is kitted out with a log burner for those really cold days! There is also a fair sized kitchen amenity with tea and coffee available. After the warm welcome we went next door to the indoor firing points, of which there are 6, the weather wasn’t the best so to be able to stay totally indoors and avoid the pouring rain is a real benefit and makes for a pleasant experience. There is an additional 15 spaces outside to get the guns out when the sun is out.

Safety was, of course, the first priority and Marc talked me through the range procedures and standing orders.

After the safety brief was out the way it was straight into the shooting, Marc and Dave clearly know their stuff with many years experience they soon had me hitting steel plates out at 1,000 yards, as well as giving me all the data to dial in my scope to the relevant distances. This put a massive smile on my face as there is something really satisfying about hearing that *ding* or seeing the plate move.

We had some informal competitions with the other shooters starting from the 100-yard plates progressing to the next until it was last man standing. This is where being able to adjust your scope with a couple of clicks really helps.

The range is a fantastic facility and I would recommend everyone gives is it a visit as you will be hooked. The only thing that had stop me shooting was the sheer amount of ammunition I was going through it really is that much fun!

It would be a great day out for clubs where you can arrange competitions or simply to improve marksmanship but also for those with a permission to book in and take advantage of Marc’s knowledge to help you really get the best out of your firearm and optic.

You can really tell Marc has a passion for shooting and wants to see it thrive and in turn it would be great to see clubs and shooters take advantage of this passion and the time and effort that has went in to creating a top class UK facility. The longer 2 mile range up at Eskdalemuir is available for bookings 7 days a week and is the only facility of its type in the UK that is non-military. This makes it an ideal venue for outside club bookings, corporate and professional training or manufacturer product development.

Don’t just take my word for it I really encourage you to bring you clubs along for a visit, it is well worth it.

If you are interested and would like to find out more then please follow the link to Eskdalemuir 2 Mile range where you can find a booking form and other relevant details.

Once again a huge thank you to Marc for inviting me down, I hope to see him and hopefully some of you guys there very soon!

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