Supporting local conservation in Wales

It is with mixed emotions that we share some news regarding the Greenland White-Fronted Goose. On the one hand the voluntary moratorium enacted over forty years ago by Welsh wildfowlers has been a resounding example of real world conservation, on the other hand due to habitat loss in their native Greenland the global population of the species is still in decline.

We therefore ask for your help in supporting an independent scientific study dedicated to the geese, which have now launched their own Facebook page. For most of you, all we ask is that you ‘Like’ their Facebook page and spread the word about the conservation efforts on the Dyfi estuary.

If you happen to live in the region or know people who do we would also ask that you report any sightings of the geese either directly to BASC or to the study, which can be done via their Facebook page.

We support the decision of Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources who after a public consultation decided to support the conservation efforts provided by the local wildfowlers and extend their voluntary action against targeting the threatened species. It was the wildfowlers who first began the conservation efforts to help save the species and it is important they remain involved and connected to the conservation efforts they have lead and developed over the past four decades.

To identify the Greenland White-Fronted goose look for a white flash on the birds forehead, dark stripes on its belly and its orange legs, the Greenland variety also has orange bills.

Photo of grazzing Greenland White-Fronted geese on grass

Thank you for your continued support and assistance on this matter.

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