BASC: Lobby MP’s on grouse shooting

BASC has launched a campaign website; similar to what they have done in the run up to elections with respect to all shooting, to allow members to lobby their MPs to establish their position on grouse shooting.

A petition backs by LACS is likely to trigger a parliamentary debate on the future of grouse shooting and it is imperative that we don’t let them become the sole voice in any such debate. We support BASC in encouraging as shooters as possible to get in touch with their MP and inform them of the benefits of grouse shooting; including a significant contribution to the economy, while providing important benefits for wildlife.

By following this link, you can directly contact your MP to ask their position on grouse shooting. Responses will then be collated by BASC.

Sophie Hutchinson, BASC’s political affairs manager, said: “After a concerted campaign by the antis, we fully expect the House of Commons to debate grouse shooting. It is important that BASC members lobby their MPs so that parliament understands the depth of support for all shooting.”

“This is not just about grouse shooting. The antis who have whipped up a campaign against grouse shooting by pedaling half-truths, gross exaggerations and myths will, in time, move against all shooting. BASC looks forward to putting the evidence-based case for grouse shooting in parliament. In the meantime, individual members can play an important part in protecting the future of shooting by ensuring their MPs hear their case.”

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