New Survey: The Benefits of Shooting Sports to the UK

Some of you may recall that back in 2006 a report was prepared by PACEC entitled The Economic and Environmental Impact of Sporting Shooting. The report provided evidence on the benefits of shooting to the UK, it focused entirely on game shooting, but that limitation has now been rectified.

Invites have now been sent out to a sample of people from member organisations connected to the shooting sports and the report will now take into consideration the impact of non-game focused disciplines; including target rifle, target air rifle and clay pigeon shooting. This is a highly important survey, information received will go into an updated report which can then be used to further protect shooting.

We urge you all to take 10 minutes out of your day and complete this short survey. If you are pressed for time you can complete the short version, or complete it with more detail. Not everyone will have received an invite to complete the survey, but it is important that as many of you complete it as possible and we can now confirm that it is acceptable to share this direct link to the survey, allowing as many people as possible to participate.

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