Supporting charities and your sport

We would like to draw everyone’s attention to this event where a charity gets the chance to win £1,000. As you will see the League against Cruel sports currently have a high percentage of the votes. We would like to encourage all our followers to vote in favour of the British Legion, not only are members of our team ex forces but this is a charity that is close to all our hearts as many of our family members have served in the forces. We feel that this is also a worthy cause to devote our efforts towards to ensure that the LACS do not get the money which they will use to further harass and lobby against law abiding hunters, pest controllers, and others involved in shooting.

It will be much better for the money to go to an important international charity or to help servicemen/women and their families rather than funding an organisation hell bent on disrupting legal past times and harassing innocent people; including children.

Support worthwhile causes whilst defending your sport!

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