Spread the word on the Offensive Weapons Bill

On top of the issue we have of those within the shooting sports community being splintered, sadly thinking this doesn’t affect them (at the moment) meaning they don’t do anything, we also have the problem is people genuinely not realising that this is going on.

As well as writing to MPs (use writetothem.com) and submitting to the consultation (go here and send your view) there’s also a petition ongoing – sign it here!

This petition is different to another one which is floating around which focuses on the sections relating to knives. This one has over 16k signatures in just over a week, with a little extra help from Ray Mears. We need to catch them up…

Help Spread The Word

Here’s an A4 PDF (in colour or black/white) for you to print off and place on your Clubs notice board to hopefully get more onboard. Related businesses may also allow you to place up the notice, so please ask them. Snip the lower parts as shown so they’re ready to tear off – no excuse of forgetting the URL!


We’ve also got a version for online use. See below, right click and “Save as…”


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