Crewe Rifle & Pistol Club

Crewe Rifle & Pistol Club

Crewe, England, United Kingdom

The Rifle & Pistol Club is tucked away in the town of Crewe, near to the Crematorium. There are two indoor ranges on the premises. The Air Range has four firing points at 10 metres, with two more at six yards and is exclusively for the use of Air rifles & pistols. A further five firing points are available in the Main Range, which is designed for the use of Section 1 firearms. The Main Range is equipped for standing, kneeling, prone and bench rest shooting at 10m, 20yds and 25yds. Turning targets are also available at 25m.

The club has various rifles, pistols and ancillary equipment available for use by members, without further charge, to enable them to try all these aspects of shooting.

At Crewe Rifle & Pistol Club you may shoot .177 and .22 air rifles and pistols; .22 rimfire sporting and target rifles; full bore (many calibres require downloading), gallery rifle and black powder.

There is also a Clubroom with facilities for light refreshments.

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