TAL Arms Christchurch

TAL Arms Christchurch

8 St. Catherine's Parade, Christchurch, England, United Kingdom BH23 2LQ

TAL Arms was one of the first UK online gun-stores. Offering a range of firearms, shotguns and airguns we've been in the shooting business for over 25 years and have recently added most of our firearm selection to our existing online catalogue of parts and accessories. The pistol ban hit us hard, but we persevered and added Scuba Diving to our in-store selection, which in turn mean we could offer Cylinder filling facilities and starting this summer, full IDEST cylinder testing for surface use cylinders, alongside our existing Firearm and Airgun servicing facilities

We also have an Airgun range locally, which we focus on to try and bring new shooters into the sport as well as organising shooting trips abroad for our gun club members and participating in local HFT leagues.

Contact Information
Phone: 01202 473030


We're not around right now. However, you can send us an email and we'll get back to you.


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