Xsite practical Shooting Club

Xsite practical Shooting Club

Wycombe Air Park, Clay Lane, Marlow, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom sl7 3dp

Xsite Practical Shooting Club is an Action Air practical shooting club. We are based at a Home Office approved range and shoot primarily of Tuesday evenings, but do run some Wednesday evenings and weekends when we want.
We run competitions throughout the year.
The club has UKPSA club coaches, qualified Range officers and 3 of the top action air shooters in the country, with a whole host of others snapping at their heels
To shoot, you don't need to be experienced of have any equipment, you just need a willingness to be safe and have fun, the rest we can teach you
We are affiliated to Xsite Airsoft, a local skirmishing company that also sells all of the equipment needed to skirmish, or practical shoot.
As well as supplying equipment, Xsite custom build Action Air pistols and can tailor make you a gun to your exact requirements

Contact Information
Phone: 01494 881430

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