Ayrshire Country Sports Club, North Ayrshire Scotland – A shooting club with a difference

Ayrshire Country Sports Club, North Ayrshire Scotland – A shooting club with a difference

HO Riverview, Waterside by Patna, Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom KA6 7JH

Ayrshire Country Sports Club is a club that has been started by like minded people who wanted a Club that they had a say in. The club is in its infancy and has already got a sizeable membership, which is growing day by day. 100% of our membership fees go to our club funds. We are a non profit organization.

We cover sports like Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Game Days, Air Rifle Target Shooting, Simulated Game Days, Fly Fishing, Wildfowling, Coarse Fishing, Away Days to various Shooting Grounds throughout Scotland, Rough Shooting, Vermin Control, Friendly Clay Pigeon Competitions or Away Days with members every month.  

We do have a small Committee that helps to keep things running and we do have a constitution which we expect every member of the club to adhere to. We do stipulate that everyone who joins the club have their own Insurance in place, should it be Basc, Sacs or any other company out there, but a requirement of your membership is to give Insurance details etc. This is a must as the types of sports we take part in needs Insurance in force.

You do not need to have a shotgun certificate to join the club, we have many members who do some of the other activities we offer and do not require a SGC. Also we have some members new to shooting and have only applied for their SGC, they are still welcome to come along and shoot alongside us until their SGC is granted.

Or even if you just want to come along and try clay shooting to see if it is what you like there are always experienced shooters at hand to help and guide you.

Our club works on different principals to other clubs, we are here to help and encourage people in the particular activity these choose. And it is never far from our minds that we all started the same way.

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Phone: 07753313906

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