Competition for National Shooting Week 2014

National Shooting Week 2014
24th-31st May

Shooting is an all-inclusive sport and is practised by millions of people in the UK safely and responsibly. Athletes representing the United Kingdom regularly bring glory to the nation in both domestic and international events.

Introducing more people into shooting is vital to ensure the future of shooting in the UK. Between these dates Firearms UK would like to encourage all our supporters to introduce a friend to shooting. We will feature opportunities on our Facebook page for you to tell us your stories and how your friends rated the experience.


Firearms UK are very excited to announce another competition in partnership with Pens Of Mass Description who have kindly donated another work of art in support of the Unity Campaign.

PoMD Unity Competition Pen

In order to enter the competition to win this fabulous prize please visit our Facebook page and on the competition post please provide us with a quote covering one of the following:

  1. Why you support the Unity campaign.
  2. The benefits of getting clay-shooting into Paralympic Games
  3. How many new shooters you plan to introduce to shooting this year.

All submissions authorize Firearms UK to utilize the quote in connection with campaign promotion and related activities to support and defend shooting. If you have any questions about this please e-mail us at

All entries will be considered by the Firearms UK team, and whichever quote is judged has the best by the team will earn the prize, in the even of a tie vote, our Publicity Manager, Dave will make the final decision has to who has won. The winner entry will be announced via our Facebook page.

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