Feedback on British Shooting Show 2014

Tim, one of our supporters has kindly provided us some feedback on this years British Shooting Show, show bellow. Did you go to the show, how did you find it? What would you like to see next year?

This year’s British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire, lived up to expectations in its 6th year. This year there was more guns and accessories provided by traders and distributors for the public to look at and buy. The show provides an ideal opportunity for those thinking of getting a new gun to look at what’s on offer from the distributors. Also the same applies to accessories as there was lots to look at and check out. All in warm and dry exhibition halls

On Friday speaking to various traders, they were buoyant. The extra day meant increased cost for the traders, and the general feeling was that ‘if the next two days were as good, then things would be ok. Traders in the air rifle/ air soft hall seemed to be quieter than the main halls but this could have just been at the time I was walking around. One trader I spoke with selling shotguns was not sure that he was situated in the right place however He did report that hammer guns were selling well. “People that already own shotguns were looking for something a bit different”.

Those traders with Quality clothing reported that it was selling steadily and that people make a conscious decision to buy it it’s not an impulse buy and the recent bad weather doesn’t have too much effect.

Other comments were that the show had grown year on year however “it will stop at some point” but to date “they’ve ‘always done alright so far”. By Saturday afternoon a trader reported that he still hadn’t had chance to get off his stand.

Speaking to the public over the 3 days they all felt it was better than last year, no one reported any traffic problems unlike last year.

This show is a must on the calendar for all shooters catering as it does for all Disciplines and for both the novice and experienced shooter alike.

A final thing I would like to say that John Bertrand built a great shooting show and he will be sadly missed. His family can be rightly proud of his legacy.

A few photos from the 2014 show.

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