‘Shooting Mat’ Prize Draw

In collaboration with ‘Custom Sporting Mats and Hides’ it is our utmost pleasure to launch our latest free prize draw, in celebration of achieving over 3,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

The 1st prize kindly donated to us by our friends at ‘Custom Shooting Mats & Hides’ is one of their great shooting mats. Manufactured from hard-wearing 1000 Cordura fabric they are water-resistant and made of four folding sections, which keeps the internal surface clean from the mud and dirt. The standard mats measure 29” x 68” and come in a variety of colours.

As the winner you can specify your preferred colour for the shooting mat such as; camouflage, olive green, black, navy blue, red, purple or pink, in addition this great prize will also come with our own embroidered logo, making it truly unique.

Unfortunately due to its large size, the opportunity to win this great 1st prize will be limited to those within the mainland UK. Not wishing to leave our international supporters out, anyone identified as a winner who is not resident within the mainland UK (up to 3) will be awarded a runner up prize of a Velcro patch and static cling window sticker and we will re-roll again to obtain a winner for the 1st prize.

We would also like to reward our followers for your continued support; as such we will be offering several runner-up prizes, with the number of prizes increasing with the amount of engagement in the prize draw as shown below:

1-20 = 1st prize only
21-36 = 1st & 2nd prize
61-96 = 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize
100+ = 1st, 2nd, 3rd + 2 runner-up prizes

The 2nd prize will comprise a Velcro patch, a static cling window sticker and one of our new limited edition merchandise pieces which are currently still in development.

The 3rd prize will comprise a Velcro patch and a static cling window sticker.

Runner-up prizes will be a Velcro patch.

Any member of the Firearms UK committee or admin team is excluded from this prize draw.

Entry to this prize draw is on condition of the following:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Like the Custom Sporting Mats & Hides Facebook page.
  3. Like the original ‘prize draw’ post comprising the above on the Firearms UK page.
  4. Share the original ‘prize draw’ post comprising the above on the Firearms UK page.
  5. Comment in the original ‘prize draw’ post on the page, perhaps write which colour you would prefer should you win the 1st prize.

To declare the winner(s) a random number generator will be used to pick out the winner(s) for each prize in turn. For example if there are 10 entrants, a random number generator will be used to pick a number from 1 to 10, the entrant in order of commenting (Point 5.) that corresponds to that randomly picked number will be declared the winner.

The prize draw will run until 8pm on 27th March 2014 upon which winners will be calculated and declared by posting on the page and if possible also by PM via Facebook. 1st prize winners (unless they make us aware of extenuating circumstances previously) will have until 10am on 5th April 2014 to claim their prize by informing us of a valid UK mainland address and an optional telephone number to forward on to ‘Custom Sporting Mats & Hides’. All other winners will have until 9am on 12th April 2014 to do likewise.

For more information on Custom Sporting Mats and Hides and their products please check out our review.

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