Grizzy Bushcraft pocket knife review

Featured knife with camo finish, mines is all black

As I’m sure many of us are already aware that UK legislation often isn’t the most friendly when it comes to items such as knives and firearms. There is often a myriad of legislation born from hysterical overreactions and irrational fear over such items.

One area which whilst not being the best isn’t the worse and actually is pretty common sense relates to carrying a knife. In the UK you can legally carry a knife with a cutting edge of less than 3 inches as long as it does not lock with no good reason required. If you carry a knife that locks or longer than this you must present a good reason as justification(I.e going to and from work with it). Many EU nations have similar arbitrary laws whilst as per firearms others have more rational laws and see little to no abuse.

Whilst obviously this doesn’t stop criminals from stabbing each other it does at least allow ordinary people to carry one of the most useful tools in the world without being prosecuted for doing so.

So boring political rant out of the way lets discuss the item.

The Grizzly Bushcraft knife is designed to be legal for everyday carry(EDC) in the UK. I purchased a couple off amazon just for general purpose use, whether its opening a box/parcel, cutting a bit of rope or fruit or taking out when going for a hike.

I think at a very reasonable cost you get an excellent little item, with an all metal construction, it feels quite solid in the hand and has a reasonably thick blade. The folding mechanism is nice and firm so you don’t feel like it will accidentally open or close when you don’t want it to. Straight out of the box the blade has a nice edge.

There is an option to get it with a little canvas sheath, however I’m not sure it would really be worth it as I had it on my belt and got it jammed against the seat as I sat in the car and the belt loop ripped off.

I’ve had it in my pocket in work getting bumped against things and I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it functions just fine. I haven’t really “abused” the knife yet so I’m not sure how much it could really take, although I suspect it could take a few reasonable knocks due to how solid the construction feels but I’m not a believer in abusing any tools so it goes quite against my nature, as in my opinion they should be used for what they are designed for unless it is a dire emergency.

I would say for the price, it is well worth the money and is a valuable little tool to keep on your person as you never know when it will come in handy. It is a purchase I don’t think you would regret.

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