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I’m sure many of you are already familiar with the fantastic Gunroom TV but for those that aren’t Alex and Callum have kindly given us some time to tell us a little bit more about it and what to expect!


What is and how did it start? is a shooting media company which provides hosting for shooting video content, like YouTube, and also produces its own videos and content. We will host any content that’s promotional to UK shooting sports, and will make videos not just for ourselves, but for any company.


GTV was started due to the take down of the popular UK shooting channel Racknload. It brought attention to how easily shooting channels could be lost if YouTube’s policy on firearm related content continued to change. Combined also with how difficult it has become to advertise anything firearm related on Facebook or Instagram.

Who is involved?

Even with the first idea of GTV being in March, they have already formed a well experience and varied team, all extremely passionate about shooting sports.

The main team are:

Alex Moreton – Chief Editor / Co-founder – Owner of several business and manages his families 1000 acre shooting estate.

Callum Long-Collins – Creative Director / Co-founder – Creative Director – Founder of a popular YouTube Channel,  previously designed critical radio systems for the MOD and police, and sponsored shooter for Blue Fieldsports.

Roger Lait – Airgun Editor – Owner of motorsports medical company MDD which provides medical teams for F1 and Formula E, founder of the WHFTO (World Hunter Field Target Organisation), and world class airgun shooter.

Cansh Pope – Practical Editor – Former British Soldier and now ranked 25th in the World Shotgun Championship, and currently ranked 3rd in the UK.

James Golding – Food Editor – Renowned Chef and group Chef Director for THE PIG Hotels, he is also an advocate for more game to be served on our plate. Has also leading an initiative to source local food within 25 miles.

CJ Foran – Presenter / Camera Man – Founder of 617, shooting review channel and blog.

Chris Neal – Presenter – Qualified APSI instructor, and provides coaching to all levels of game and clay shooters.

Constantine Christophi – Presenter – Founder of Magload which produces some of the best practical shooting accessories on the market, known as Conners for short, he is a top level practical shotgunner.

Alex Florance – Web Admin / Production Assistant – Avid all round shooter, Alex has in recent years focused on handgun shooting going on to win rounds of the NRA handgun league.

In addition we have already formed various partnerships and are working with many shooting companies and organisations which make what we do possible.

What can people expect to see on the channel?

Anything shooting related that is positive to UK shooting sports. The aim of GTV is to show everything under one roof, airsoft, airgun, long range, handgun, shotgun etc, if it has a trigger we will promote it!


Our own channel will remain varied but with GTV being an open platform to UK content creators there are more specific channels available, from the stunning driven game videos from Dave Carrie, to the down to earth range time videos from Neil of RacknLoad.


Do you think that a major problem with shooting in the UK is a lack of publicity and awareness of what we can do?(might already be covered)

100% yes! The lack of awareness is damaging in two ways, firstly if people don’t know you can shoot firearms within the UK then how will they ever want to try it. Secondly, lack of awareness leads to gross misconceptions, it leaves film and tv to be the representative for shooting sports, and we all know that doesn’t work out well!


This is why we feel social media is so important to UK shooting sports, why we are so frustrated with the reluctance of the industry to utilise it, and another reason for why GTV was created. We understand the pitfalls of social media, and why some avoid it. GTV will hopefully aid outreach of shooting sports on social media, by offering guidance where needed.

How do you see evolving?

With how fast GTV has grown and evolved already it is hard to say. There are many other resources we would like to offer to the shooting community and with the launch completed we should be able to divert some attention to them. At the moment we would like to see GTV evolve into an online shooting community, a mix between YouTube and Facebook.

Where can people find out about and stay up to date with its latest videos?

The best place is itself, our latest videos appear at the top of the home page, otherwise we have a growing Facebook page and Instagram account that we fill with behind the scenes content and will announce any of our latest projects or videos on.

And basically anything else you would like to throw in.

As well as providing a safe haven for UK shooting content, we would like GTV to be a spark for change within the UK shooting industry, helping companies to utilise social media and to unite what can be a fractured community. GTV will film, edit, and release a completely free showcase video for any UK shooting company, range, shop or club.


We want everyone to work together to promote shooting as a whole for the good of our sport. We understand that shooters are better protected when working and standing together, we hope that GTV can facilitate or at least help this in the future.

Once again thanks to Alex and Callum for giving us this interview, be sure to visit the links above and check out some of their excellent work, you will definitely find something that interests you and perhaps find out a bit more about other shooting disciplines!

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