Stories Of Rhodesia: Part 6- Operation Dingo

This week’s blog is an excerpt from Hannes Wessel’s book “A handful of hard men” which is dedicated to Darrell Watt, an SAS operator in the Rhodesian bush war. I have received special permission from Hannes to scan, copy and paste the following pages, which make a fascinating read, so I ask for your forgiveness for scanned pages in this latest blog. I further dedicate this blog to the men of the Rhodesia Light Infantry, the Rhodesian SAS, the Rhodesian Air Force and any other soldier, male or female, that helped make operation Dingo a resounding success. (If you enjoyed this blog and Hannes’ book please follow the link above where you can purchase the entire book on Amazon)

Mark Jackson at his guns

Why we fought

Mother and child slain at Elim mission. Two of many that day.
Troops ready to roll in Huey helicopters acquired from Israel. They were in such poor mechanical shape they had to be re-built by Rhodesian technicians after one lost its tail rotor on landing.

Zanla dead after another successful engagement.

Dick Paxton – chopper pilot extraordinaire
A South African French-made Super-Frelon helicopter with Rhodesian troops, used in another battle at Mapai

A photo from a later operation, used here to let the reader see a typical photo op before being deployed
Rhodesian Choppers

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