Gun bans, an agenda without scope?

Organizations which seek to push for more gun control, don’t always announce publicly their desire for a gun ban, either in part or complete, as much as they may desire it, though you may find their supporters, especially online, calling for exactly that.

You’ll find people who will argue for a complete gun ban, or suggest only the military or police need guns. Some of these people are ideologically opposed to anything even resembling a gun, seeing firearms as being symbolic of violence. Many just don’t care or understand why anyone would want to own one, so jump on the bandwagon. The problem here is that such people, unfamiliar with firearms or shooting, will quickly sign away the rights of millions of lawful people without knowing or understanding the full scope of their actions. There are lots of type of guns, and they are owned and used for many different reasons, highlighting this fact is one of the tasks of this website.

Under the “Firearms” label on our top navigation menu we have a section dedicated to highlighting the various guns that could be affected in such bans, with some information provided under each category. So far we’ve covered the bread and butter of civilian firearms; handguns, rifles and shotguns, but we’ve also covered airguns, paint ball guns, BB guns and replicas.

Another major task of this website is to disclose the wide variety of uses for firearms, these are covered under the various sub headings, which can be found under “Sporting”, “Hunting”, and “Other” on our menu. We’ve established place holders for many of the most popular reasons to own firearms and although we have a long way to go in establishing this section of our website we have already begun to provide information on Clay Target Shooting, Pest Control, and Humane Dispatch, with lots of other reasons still yet to be covered, such as self defense, historical reenactment and collecting.

So the next time you hear someone argue that no one needs guns, or that they are only used for killing, please take a moment to suggest that they consider all of the above uses and types of guns that are available before they lump them all together and decide to ban everything.

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