Negative perceptions and their hypocrisy

So, I was in the gym on Wednesday night and there was a progamme on the TV about some debt collectors, I caught about 5 minutes of it when it was following a team of 2 collectors going to visit a farm that reared pheasants.

One of the collectors spoke about how he grew up with shooting, his father ran a shoot and was a deer stalker etc, So I thought great to see that on the TV.

Then it cut to his partner who admitted he was “more squeamish when it came to blood sports”

From memory he went on to say how he wasn’t too sure about killing animals and he liked to go fishing instead.

So this got me a little irritated but it did get me thinking. I have previously had criticism from people for shooting game, these same people not only happily eat meat from shops but many of them have been or still go fishing. When challenged over this hypocrisy, I was told “I don’t need to do it, and I just enjoy killing”

So I ask myself why is it ok to kill fish? but not shoot game? Why should shooting be criticised by people who eat meat and fish?

Why is there a perception that there is some kind of difference that allows people who do the above criticise people who shoot game?

Why do people believe they can take a moral high ground because they purchase their meat from a supermarket. In my opinion this is no different than hiring a hitman, you still have “blood” on your hands.

Humans are by their nature hunters and in the modern age this perhaps manifests itself in different ways but we do all have this instinct within us.

I have no answers to this hypocrisy other than to call it out for what it is, but also to try and encourage such people to become more involved in countrysports and embrace their natural instincts.

Why these have suddenly become frowned upon I have no idea but I think this also serves as a warning. When game shooting is stopped because it is “cruel” “inhumane” or “we dont need to do it” and other other such nonsense people use to push their moral agenda upon us. What do you think will be next, it will be fishing that these tags are applied to.

Is it because it is perceived to be a rich mans sport? Is it because it has firearms involved? Or does it scare people because it gives them an uncomfortable reminder of their base instincts?

I am aware many shooters also fish and this is by no means a reflection on those shooters or indeed all anglers but it is a symptom of something that is going to see the gradual decline on all such activitities. It is another area where self reflection and unity is required.

Anyway, I hope I have left some talking points in this somewhat ramble of a blog. Please leave a comment on our facebook page or below and let us know what you think.

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