Proposed United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

The [UK] NRA in a recent membership newsletter as brought to the attention of its members (and through them us) a conference to discuss the text of the proposed UN Arms Trade Treaty. The concern for the NRA is that the exemptions for sporting arms and antiques appear to have been removed from the latest draft. They do note that the proposals should not affect possession or movement of firearms in Britain or the EU, but there is a concern that the increased bureaucracy will increase costs and further restrict the international movement of firearms used in hunting and sport.

While the Treaty should not affect the possession or movement of firearms in Britain or the EU, it could make it far more difficult for hunters or target shooters to take their personal firearms outside the EU. The additional bureaucracy would also make more expensive the international trade in sporting firearms, already tightly controlled, thus putting up the cost of our sport.

The NRA are encouraging e-mails be sent ASAP, before the 26th March deadline to the Arms Trade Treaty Desk Officer at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the address is Richard.Hilder AT your message should include:

1) Civilian firearms should be excepted from the proposed Arms Trade Treaty.

2) All temporary exports and re-imports of firearms, where no change of ownership occurs should be excepted from the proposed Treaty.

3)Antique firearms, as defined in the UN Vienna Firearms Protocol, should be excepted from the Treaty.

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