Durham Constabulary’s “medical reporting” trial

Firearms UK have been monitoring Durham Constabulary’s trial of making FAC and SGC applications and renewals pay for a medical report, this is also being trailed by a few other Constabularies.

We wholeheartedly oppose this proposal and hope that the Constabularies involved realise that this is a fruitless exercise. Though the media have recently become involved in the matter we wish to add some clarity as certain facts seem to have either been missed out or misunderstood

When an application for either a FAC or SGC is made the applicant is required on the form to declare whether or not they have any previous or current medical conditions which may affect their suitability for a certificate. Alongside the aforementioned declaration the applicant is required to give the relevant Constabulary permission to contact their GP to discuss the applicant’s health and anything else that could relate to the application process.

With the above in mind it seems strange as to why several Constabularies feel it necessary to request a whole medical report about an applicant from a GP when the current system has been operational for many with little issue. This to us at Firearms UK seems to be some form of non-issue as these so called reports previously came in the form of a GP speaking to Licensing Departments.

We strongly recommend that FAC and SGC holders and applicants follow the advice issued by BASC on this matter. As such, those proceeding with renewals and applications should not fill out these forms.

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