Goodbye English Shooting and Freedom of Expression too?

As some of you may know the English Shooting youtube channel will now be shutting down. However on this occasion it is not because of youtube closing down shooting channels because of their ideals….

Sorry to see Callum having to close his channel i know it inspired a lot of new shooters. Good luck to him and any future endeavours.

I am also concerned that this may set a worrying precident. It should never be right to remove people’s certificates or any other right/privilege for sensibly and politely expressing an opinion. Especially if that opinion can be supported by evidence.

It creates a dangerous situation where opinions and ideas may not be exchanged, or only certain things heard and in my view that can only lead to dumbing down and stagnation where we are surrounded in echo chambers and “wrongthink” is shut down.

Ideas need to be heard so that they can be discussed and shown to be nonsense or shown to be valid. Different opinions need to be heard so you can perhaps learn from them.

It seems to me if people are trying to shut down conversation it is because they may be scared it is true otherwise why not let it be heard and good people decide for themselves?

I think we are all grown up enough to discuss ideas, and we will hear ideas that are good, ideas that are bad, positive thoughts and some vile thoughts but they should be heard because then they can be challenged.

Of particular concern is the suggestion that certain opinions don’t meet with what it means to be a firearms owner in the UK. Who exactly decides this? Do they know the history of UK gun law? Does this mean that society should never evolve?

I only hope that certificate holders continue to seek fairer laws and rational reform undeterred and perhaps the general public can see how sometimes that our laws can be exploited to target people for what could be political reasons. We should not be deterred from standing up for ourselves and encouraging debate and discussion on issues that may relate to us.

Which is why in my opinion people should always be wary of any law that gives too much power because it may well be abused.

Now no doubt to some this statement is extreme, I see it as simply being concerned with individual rights and liberty for all. Now if that is considered extreme by some they maybe need to look at their own beliefs.

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