More Lies from Sky News?



  1. false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.”

Freethought (or free thought)[1] is an epistemologicalviewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed only on the basis of logicreason, and empiricism, rather than authoritytraditionrevelation, or dogma. ”

Fake news and trying to crush independent thought is nothing new to society, it has existed for years. However no other society has had easy access to information and alternative points of view as today. The internet has created a new freedom and ability to find accurate information almost immediately. How often do we see something published by mainstream media, celebrities or politicians only for it to be revealed to be inaccurate or downright lies almost immediately thanks to the power of the internet?

The internet exposes people to different ideas, often good and yes likely sometimes bad. It is thanks to this new found power that more and more people aren’t blindly following like sheep what is acceptable as “conventional” opinion.

This applies to many things however I am going to speak from a firearms ownership perspective. How many institutions indoctrinate people that firearms are inherently a bad thing? Many police forces do it, politicians do it, Schools do it, Universities do it as does the mainstream media. There are many others I have missed.

We are indoctrinated from birth to think a certain way and there is no room for dissent. We are told certain things to make us fearful of firearms and to support arbitrary and ineffective controls. The public think they are safe and the politicians further their agenda.

Thanks to the internet we are able however to express different ideas and educate some people as to the real facts of the matter and that often they are mislead. Which is of course why social media organisations and Governments want to police what can and can’t be published. It is a threat to their power.

Now you might think this is all nonsense but over the last year we have seen politicians such as Louise Haigh deliberately spread misinformation about .50 calibre rifles, I say deliberate because she was corrected and chose not to change her stance. The National Crime Agency provided her with these misleading figures.

Of course because of years of successful propaganda these people are not challenged or held accountable and no one sees the agenda. They do not want free thinking independent people.

The Latest Lies

Today Sky News published an article stating that “The National Crime Agency has said there are more guns in the hands of UK criminals than ever before.” The article also features an alleged gun smuggler, talking about how easy it is to import illegal firearms.

Now I immediately have several suspicions about this articles contents and its agenda.

1, Sky News have already been accused of creating fake news before by Romanian Authorities, if you recall the original video it looked highly suspicious.

2, The pistol featured heavily in the latest sky news article looks incredibly similar to an Olympic 5 Blank firing starter pistol.

Footage from Sky News, “I’ve used this 10 times,” says Sam (not his real name) as he casually brandishes a revolver. ”
Stock Image of Olympic 5 Starter pistol

3, The National Crime Agency is focusing on other nations to tighten gun laws rather than pressuring sky news to reveal who this alleged criminal is. The agenda seems to be stripping other nations of their independence and civil rights to perhaps stop British people using them as an example and to perhaps make it easier for their own corrupt institutions to restrict firearms ownership. As usual the goal is more control not stopping criminals. I know I would rather seen gun smugglers arrested than virtue signal what countries with lower crime rates should do.

4, Would successful gun smugglers really speak with journalists and risk possible exposure, seizure of assets and serious jail time, or is it more likely that Sky News are faking it or some fly man has got hold of an old starter pistol and is faking it for them to earn some cash?

5, Is the use of a man with a middle eastern accent designed to also cause racial tension and division and further allow the authorities and Government to use the risk of terrorism to further restrict basic human rights and liberties? If he is genuine then I would suggest the problem is not other nation’s gun laws but allowing individuals who are criminally minded into this country.

6, If the video is not deliberately faked then surely some of the so called experts sky news have been speaking with would have at least reviewed the footage and told them what the firearm was? So either they aren’t that good at their job, or they are happy to go along with deception?

7, If guns are still being smuggled into the UK then why do they continue to target law abiding gun owners and why do they maintain the draconian laws that have had no effect on reducing gun crime or general violence in the UK.

Time to wake up people. Always ask questions and do not trust the main stream media and do not trust authority as always having your best interests at heart. They do not want an independent, educated, self reliant population, they want sheep, divided and afraid of the big bad wolf.

Why do they want everyone to be so afraid of firearms? Why do they want everyone to be so afraid of freedom of speech? Why do they focus on the law abiding and not criminals and terrorists?

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