617 Review: Yildiz 20 Bore, SPZ ME 20

Having seen an increase in the last few years in 20bores, or a resurgence I should say. What is it that makes these so popular, I have myself owned and shot 20’s. I’ve found them to be a great clay pigeon buster using a cylinder and half choke. This gave me a great pattern for distance and closer in birds.

I had on test a Yildiz 20b this was the SPZ ME 20.

The game engraving is done by laser, which to me gives a cheap finish to the action. This by no means is a poor showing on the gun itself, tho it will be something that is seen first.

The weight is pleasing at just over 5.7lbs making a nice choice for a walk up day or just being on the peg. It was slightly front heavy, tho I would admit this isn’t a problem. For me this gun being so easy to swing through, the little front weight slows you down enough from swinging past the target. Myself being more of a snapshooter this still allows a quick transition to the shoulder.

If you are used to shooting 12 or larger, I’m sure you will find yourself swing past. It does come down to practice when moving to a 20, so a few clay rounds may help preseason shooting.

The wood is a Turkish walnut and has a schnable front end. The chequering is laser cut making for a shape feel, tho many laser cut chequered stocks do soften after some use. Wood does seem to come as you get it. You may end up with a lovely bit of wood or you may end up with a bit of a plain Jayne. It was, however, pleasing to the eye seeing the dark wood contrast to the action. The stock length 370mm finished with a rubber pad.

These barrels are 30″ they do start at 24″ as well. A vented middle allows for quicker cooling between drives. Made of 4140 drilled steel, they are white chrome lined as well. Being multi choke does allow for different situations in your shooting disciplines. The rib is 7mm wide and topped with a brass bead. I prefer these as they don’t distract you from following the target, unlike the bright fibre optic bead might.

The action is 7075 alloy white giving the bright silvered contrast seen in the pictures below. Cartridges are ejected for easy extraction, tho some of the cartridges I shot did stick in. This may have been due to the cold weather affecting the action. The chamber size is 3” or 76mm so a larger cartridge is usable. The trigger is single selective, working with the safety catch selecting the lower or upper barrel is easy. This has an automatic safety, this in itself is a good option but for my personal choice, I’d rather it be manual. The top lever wasn’t sticky though this was probably due to it being used.

It isn’t difficult to see why 20 bores have been so popular, the Yildiz fits in with the guns under a £1000 such as the Bettinsoli and Webly and Scott 920 and Lincoln. Though I’m sure a secondhand model will make it a more accessible to those on a budget.

Comfortable, pointable and lightweight makes for an enjoyable experience. One that many can experience if budgets are a point to factor.


Written by CJ of 617 – Youtube / Facebook

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