The ABC of Rabbit Control, DVD Review

Erika was recently fortunate enough to win a DVD entitled ‘The ABC of Rabbit Control’, kindly donated to the Pest Control UK group on Facebook; in return for her good fortune she will provide a review of the DVD bellow.

My general thoughts are that the video is very clear, easy to understand and is professionally presented; so don’t be fooled by the debatable quality of the DVD sleeve insert :-). The subject is covered in detail and is divided into sub topics beginning with an introduction to the various tools available for rabbit control. The tools are then discussed in more detail and demonstrated so that you are familiar with how to use them and how to select the most appropriate tool for your own circumstances. The DVD finishes with an “in the field” demonstration showing traps being setup and baited ready for use and highlights some of the damage caused by the rabbits.

Particularly interesting for myself was the tunnel trap and the ferrets because I am less familiar with these methods in comparison to the live catch traps and other methods mentioned. Having an opportunity to see the traps deployed in the field with the intricacies of where to place the traps discussed is also a very valuable portion of the video which I found to be engaging. If you are new to traps they are covered in great detail, with the various types explained; how and where to set them is covered as well as some historical points.

I am informed the DVD is “a bit dated now”, though it is still available on their new ‘Discount Pest Control’ website, where it is currently available for only £5.99, a bargain for any budding pest controller or someone with their own rabbit problem. On their website you will also find a collection of “live catch” traps which they make themselves.

The ABC of Rabbit Control DVD

This DVD is available from Discount Pest Control

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