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I’ve recently seen people discussing some good books on the subjects of firearms ownership, especially relating to legislation and effects on crime etc.

I have read a few books on the subject myself and thought it would be a good idea to do a post with a few recommendations, since I’m sure many of us have extra time on our hands due to the “lockdown” it is a good opportunity to keep our knowledge up to date so we may continue to educate others to the true agendas that are often behind firearms legislation as well as some facts and figures.

I have put some links to amazon in the post so if you do decide to purchase please follow the links as it can hopefully generate some small commission to us at no extra cost to yourselves.

The first item is a simple like to information submitted to the Home Affairs committee by the late Colin Greenwood, A retired senior police officer and expert in UK firearms legislation.

This link contains a lot of useful information that is short, easy to read and of course free!

Below is a link to further works by Mr Greenwood, I have not read it myself but if anything like his submission above I imagine it will be very good.

The next item is personally one I rate very highly. Guns and Violence: The English Experience by Joyce Lee Malcolm. This book is full of an incredible amount of well researched data. It is quite incredible how far the UK has come in terms of being a nation that had a right to bear arms and being somewhat pro gun(or at least not being hysterically anti gun) to the hoplophobic nation we are today. I could spend all date going into detail about this book but it really is a must have in my opinion. The information it contains is superb and somewhat rare that it focuses on the UK. It really is quite revealing that a lot of UK legislation comes from Government paranoia about armed “subjects” and not the prevention of crime or public safety as officially stated.

It is especially interesting that some Members of Parliament up until the mid 20th century recognised the need for law abiding members of the public to be able to defend themselves from criminals.

Alongside Mr Greenwood’s work I found this book most effective in creating the basis for any pro gun discussions I have been having.

Next on the list is Does the trigger pull the finger by Peter Brookesmith (Author), Richard Law (Author)

This is another popular book which is centred on the UK perspective. It offers some interesting insights into UK legislation especially with regards to common law and current laws being unlawful. I found some aspects to be anecdotal and relying on hear say(In my opinion). However it does compliment other books to give further insight and critique of UK legislation, its driving force, its destruction of basic and ancient civil liberties and if it really is fit for purpose.

One that a lot of people will have heard about is More Guns Less Crime by John R Lott. This is one focused on the United States but again I would call it essential reading. The United States is often used by the Gun Control organisations as an argument for tighter restrictions. Of course anti gun groups rely on making simple comparisons to the United States without taking into account all the variables such as state, city and county laws, socio-economics, overall rates of violence etc, they also conveniently ignore European nations with more liberal laws than the UK yet with lower rates of violence.

This book is one that should help empower you to educate people about the United States and how not only is crime almost non existent amongst concealed carry permit holders(Much like it is non-existent amongst UK Certificate holders) but that concealed carry has corresponded with decreases in violence and crime in the United States.

A time I have personally used this book was debating a colleague about firearms and he immediately said something like “lets be like america where you shoot someone for pranging into your car” or some such, there was a page in the book that immediately destroyed his facile claim. When I brought it in to show him his response was “I’m not reading that”

I may do a follow up to this blog with some more essential reading at some point but I’m sure this will keep us all going for the time being.

Thank you for reading folks and be sure to leave a comment on social media of your own opinions on these books or additional recommendations.

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