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Our first order from the Discount Banner Printing company was for our new line of static cling window stickers. We ordered 200 of the 3.8″ square static cling window stickers on Sunday evening and they arrived the following Tuesday. The ordering process was intuitive and very efficient. Enter your details on the right hand side of the website to calculate a quote, then simply add to the shopping basket and pay for the order. You can even pay with PayPal making ordering from Discount Banner Printing as flexible and efficient as possible.

Our stickers arrived in a sturdy box and where well protected en-route to us. The only downside was that they arrived on long sheets which were rolled up, consequently the corners of some of the stickers started to curl up. This was soon corrected by laying the sheets out and gently resting a weight on them. The stickers are static cling, meaning they have no adhesive and use static to hold them onto the window surface. They peel off the backing paper easily, hold firmly onto the window surface and can even be removed and placed back on the backing paper for later use.

Static Cling Window Stickers from Discount Banner Printing


Our order of window stickers arrived with a double sided printed leaflet offering a series of offers. As a customer we were offered the chance to earn anyone offer or all of them collectively (as we did). These offers offered discounts on future orders or Amazon vouchers in exchange for a written review and various social network promotions of the company. Unfortunately despite multiple e-mails, both via their website and in reply to their own automated e-mails (asking us to complete the included offers), we are yet to receive any reply or confirmation of any offers being completed. A message on their Facebook page also failed to generate any response from the company, and our notice of lack of customer service was sadly not alone on the companies Facebook page.

The combination of the lack of customer service after having placed an order, the fact many of the stickers arrived with curled up edges and the disappointing level of contrast on the stickers, which were produced from a high definition and very clear image forces us to conclude that we will no longer use the Discount Banner Company for our merchandise or other product requirements in the future and can not recommend them as a company.

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