Review: Browning 525

Browning 525

My Browning 525 was the first gun I bought (followed swiftly by my Browning Maxus already reviewed)

Having a love and interest in Browning firearms I was naturally drawn towards this brand for choosing my first guns. There were two 525s in the shop, one brand new and one second hand. I decided to purchase the second hand gun as it was a significant difference in price and was practically new. It also seemed to fit me slightly better.

Browning 525

I was permitted to try it on the clay ground next to the shops premises and I smashed every bird(although I admit they were not super challenging.)

The gun itself balances very well on me and fits superbly. I have noticed it can have quite a hard kick if not mounted correctly especially when using 3” magnum cartridges, a friend of mine also found this out due to repeatedly going into a terrible stance.

It is a very attractive gun with excellent artwork featuring Pheasants on one side and a Duck scene on the other. The birds themselves are gold coloured against a black background and really adds to the look and stands out against the dark wood and metal.

I use this gun both for rough shooting and clay target shooting and it performs very well for both tasks. Although I do prefer using my Maxus this is just down to personal preference and not a slight on the 525.

The gun itself is very easy to maintain and strip. As seen below it breaks down into three main parts allowing access for cleaning and general maintenance. I generally clean out the barrel with a brush and then wipe it through with a light oil or WD40. I add a light oil to the ejectors and other moving parts or a touch of grease where oil is not suitable.

Stripped down Browning 525 shotgun

I would certainly recommend the Browning 525 to anyone as it is a very solid gun and has never let me down.

The Specifications

Cartridge sizes: 2 ¾” – 3”
Proofed for Steel: Yes
Barrel length: 30”
Ejectors: Yes
Safety: Manual
Chokes: Yes(Came with full selection of extended chokes)

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