Introducing D.Camo Designs

We at Firearms UK are keen to support firearms owners, shooters and their industries in anyway we can, so we are thrilled to be able to offer you an introduction to an up and coming shooting related business.

A before and after example of painted camo painted rifles by D.Camo Designs

Darren showing a before and after example

D.Camo is a custom painting service for air-rifles, crossbows etc. We spray for air-soft, paint-balling, fishing gear. So if your hunting or just playing why not blend in with a D.Camo custom spray job.

The following introduction is provided by Darren Smith, the founder of D.Camo Designs.

This all started out as a personal interest just for myself about 4 years ago. I started spraying my air rifle, it took a few attempts to get the patterns i was interested in when going shooting and I used many different sprays to get the effect I wanted.

My air rifle brought me a lot of interest and I was advised to take it to some gun shows, but instead I popped along to some of my local gun shops; just to see what interest there was. I was amazed with the feed back, so from then on I started spraying some stocks in different designs to promote my work.

Having set up the Facebook group, interest in my work grew, and more and more people would join each day. I have now setup my own business account on Facebook; d.camodesigns to further develop D.Camo Designs into a viable business.

I have greatly enjoyed spraying over the years and I hope to make something of my self which is connected to my shooting hobby.

Examples from D.Camo Designs

Some examples from D.Camo Designs

Darren is Based in Bristol, he has a Facebook page and Facebook group already established with a website soon to follow. You can reach him via e-mail or phone on 07827 677618.

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