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RACKNLOAD is an online community based around a sizable Facebook group which hosts an international membership of firearm and shooting enthusiasts covering a wide range of interests and disciplines. No one is made to feel unwelcome regardless of the discipline you favor or the amount of experience you have or lack. Whether your main interest is historic military rifles or Airsoft you will find a warm welcome.

The Group

At the time of writing the Facebook group has over 1,400 members covering a diverse range of interests and shooting disciplines. Unlike some groups which are heavily focused towards one discipline, sport or even nationality RACKNLOAD is open to anyone and anything remotely of interest to those with an passion for firearms and shooting… even posting about Call of Duty won’t get you shown to the door!

The group is a full multimedia experience with members uploading home made videos as well as photos on a frequent basis, this not only keeps the group interesting and fun it helps everyone get familiar with disciplines and subjects they are new to. A video of practical shotgun is a great way to showcase a discipline a clay pigeon shooter may never of considered before for example.

The YouTube Channel

On the YouTube Channel you will find videos show casing all types of shooting action from centre fire rifle to Airsoft.

Gun and gear reviews will make an appearance.

There will also be some politically orientated videos which will touch on firearms law, threats to shooting and pro-gun vs anti-gun interactions, such as the one bellow.

The Page

The RACKNLOAD Facebook page is most well known for the interesting or beautifully attractive (If you love guns like us) photos, such as the examples bellow.

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More Information

For those of you on Twitter you’ll be pleased to know that so is RACKNLOAD. If you tend to forget to check your YouTube account then following the Twitter feed will let you know when new videos are published. You can follow at twitter.com/RACKNLOAD

If you love to promote great products and groups like we do at Firearms UK you may be interested to know that Velcro patches are now available, so you can show just how much you love all things RACKNLOAD and help the group grow by adding a patch to your gun bag or other kit 🙂 The patches are sized at 9cm x 6cm and are priced at £6 including global shipping with £1 from every purchase going to Help for Heroes. Please see the group for how to order.

RACKNLOAD patch next to some empty brass

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