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This post is a response to a comment posted by @borocomphelp during a Twitter conversation on what shooting clubs and ranges can do to improve and promote shooting.


Firstly we are not familiar with the term “Butters”, so given the context we will assume you actually meant “nutters”. Now everyone is entitled to their own point of view, however absurd, but let us point out a few things for you, and anyone else who shares such an opinion.

Shooting is not only a legal recreational activity enjoyed by a million people in the UK alone, but shooting is also a key part of many jobs and Great Britain are internationally recognized in the shooting sports. To suggest we should not be proud of our heritage and our achievements in this area is to suggest we should have no pride if England won the World Cup. Secondly shooting is well recognized as safe and responsible sport and hobby, should those who enjoy a Sunday game of cricket be ridiculed because one night someone used a cricket bat as weapon?

Rather than make ill-informed judgements presumably based on sensationalized stories in the media or what you see in movies why not take a look at the shooting sports themselves, pop a long to a clay shooting ground; you still may not like them, but you would likely change your absurd opinion noted above.

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