Gun I.C.E

We would like to bring your attention to Gun I.C.E, a non-profit organisation producing emergency ID cards suitable for shooters.

I.C.E stands for “In Case of Emergency” and will provide all of the essential details needed to assist the emergency services during an incident in which you may be unable to answer their questions, especially important where firearms are concerned which could otherwise delay rescue and critical first aid efforts.

The price per unit is £3 which includes ID card, lanyard and P&P! Gun I.C.E are expecting to be fully stocked in time for the British Shooting Show. The Gun I.C.E ID will feature a printed ID, a card holder and an orange lanyard.

We at Firearms UK are fully supportive of this scheme and encouraging you all to lend your support to Gun I.C.E and consider purchasing one of the I.C.E ID’s. You can keep up to date with Gun I.C.E via their Facebook and Twitter feeds, and there website will be launching on 4th February.

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