Time to Think


Given the recent horrific events in Paris it would appear that Firearms United and our fears have unfortunately been found to be correct.

Both our organisations have stated that gun control does not affect terrorists or criminals and that there should be sensible reform of our gun laws.

Our own Government has admitted that they cannot guarantee preventing such attacks and that any response of the Forces of Law and Order won’t be immediate.

We contacted the Home Office after the Charlie Hebdo attacks to ask why a Czech Model of firearms legislation couldn’t be implemented in the UK given they cannot guarantee our safety.  They simply reiterated that they believe that would lead to an increase in violence but did not provide any evidence to support this position when asked.  It was also pointed out to them (and various EU nations by Firearms United) that attacks will be less likely to happen at the places or on the people who have armed security, it will take place on the soft targets, the innocent and defenceless members of the public.

Terrorism is used as an excuse to restrict freedom and especially firearms owners rights (remember the ACPO statement recently?)   It’s quite clear that terrorists and criminals have no problem accessing firearms.

We believe it is time for sensible change because it is the blood of innocent people that will be shed in future attacks.

EDIT: We appreciate this is a controversial topic and some followers may not agree, we accept that but please continue to support us in the areas you do agree with and let us all engage in sensible discussion and share points of view.




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