Mutt Muffs – UK Distributor

Whether you take your dog shooting with you or want to keep them calm around Bonfire night, you may be interested in these Mutt Muffs and they now have a single UK based distributor!

Mutt Muffs were specifically engineered to meet the contour of a dog’s head to provide the best passive sound reduction possible. A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than ours. It makes sense that if you are wearing hearing protection, so should he.

H G Hopkins & Sons Ltd are based in Sandbach, Cheshire and they will take orders over the phone for the Mutt Muffs which come in five different sizes. If you’re not far from them it’s worth visiting the shop on the High Street and seeing what they have in stock.


Mutt Muffs customer photo of Spike – ready to go flying (source).

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