South Yorkshire Shooting Club

Kate took advantage of some coaching on her new Steyr LP10E during a taster session at the exceptional South Yorkshire Shooting Club earlier today. Located in an industrial area not far from Meadowhall Shopping Centre the facilities at SYSC begin to impress as soon as you step through the door.

Each of us has visited a number of grounds and ranges recently; but it’s fair to say we were still a little awe struck when we entered SYSC. Immediately we found ourselves in the refreshments area, with everything you’d expect; cold drinks, tea, coffee and sandwich facilities, all provided by the very friendly and helpful staff.

Looking ahead, you get the first glimpse of range through viewing windows; which is an excellent touch. Unlike some ranges which seem much more closed off, SYSC is very open, bright and very much inviting. A cursory glance around the wall at the rear of the refreshments area and you’ll see the main range in all of its impressive glory. With a number of positions, complete with C02 charging facilities, rests, chairs and everything else you’ll need to enjoy your time here.

On the range itself you’ll find dedicated booths; suitable for right and left handed shooters, remote controlled overhead carriages, Bell Tower among others; and the range is disabled accessible.

Turning the opposite way you’ll find the reception area, and no doubt will be greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff of SYSC. Opposite the reception desk there are disabled friendly toilets, which are certainly the best I’ve ever experienced at any range or shooting facility! Ahead, past reception is the gun room with a sensible selection of rifles, a diverse selection of targets and accessories and a very impressive selection of pellets for you to choose from – including test packs in both .177 and .22, which would be ideal for your to pellet test your air pistol or air rifle.

Off the gun room, is a shotgun simulator; although closed during our visit and I’m told archery is also soon to be accommodated.

The pistol range was the main reason for our visit today, and it didn’t disappoint. Clean and bright, it is an impressive and inviting facility; complete with video camera and monitor, making checking your targets an effortless exercise. The targets are moved manually and can bet set at 6m, 10m and 13m at the back wall. A key facility and one which was appreciated by Javkhlan, a Mongolian 10m air pistol shooter and recent visitor to the club is a large viewing window beside the pistol range. The viewing window allows visitors and others to view the action on the pistol range without getting in the way of the shooters; which was considered an important anxiety-rising addition for those who are serious at training for national and international competitions, offering a chance to steadily get used to being watched whilst performing.

Under the tutelage of Mike, Kate got to grips with the Steyr LP10E, fine-tuned the sights, shot a number of groups, and had an opportunity to try out a diverse selection of pellets to see which her pistol preferred. Mike was friendly, helpful, fostered a relaxing, pressure free atmosphere and was clearly experienced and despite Kate’s significant experience with air pistols, the coaching session today was no doubt beneficial to her.

Overall I can’t recommend SYSC highly enough, the facilities and overall impression of the site is simply outstanding, coupled with the very friendly, welcoming and supportive staff; finding a better facility for serious, and casual air pistol shooting alike would be a significant challenge.

Molly; range dog :-)

Molly; range dog 🙂

Thanks for having us.

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