What is the attraction?

Today on an impromptu visit a friend of mine asked me a question that shouldn’t have stumped me but did. The question was simple,

“What is it Mike that you like about shooting? What is the attraction?”

I know I like everything about shooting, the skill, the process of reloading, target shooting at a competitive level, the guns themselves, the recoil, the smell of gun oil… I could go on all day. But how can I explain to someone in one reply – to sum it up in a neat little package… What is it that “attracts” me to it?

So I paused for a few seconds, they looked at me waiting for some kind of answer. I said, “wait there”, stood up and left the room, went to the gun cabinet and loaded my little 10/22 with some stingers – just one little 10 round magazine, went back into the room and said, “let’s go.”

Drove to a safe spot and set up some cola cans unopened in a neat little row about 50 yards away from us.

It was here that I explained how to use the Ruger and a few safety rules but after a few minutes, she was ready to take her first shots.

Crack* went the first shot, she was a little low.

Crack* little high this time

Crack* still a tiny bit high

“Try holding your breath”

Crack* fiiiizzzzzzzzz

The fizz was accompanied by a massive smile and she said, “ok I get it”.

All it takes is for someone to try it and they can see what the “attraction” is. We just have to be more open to it ourselves as shooters. Some in the community would rather cause division but “cliques” won’t survive in the long run. It will take a collective effort to grow the sport.

– Mike Lindsay

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