Our Latest Supporter – 12 Gauge Girl

We had the pleasure of bumping into the 12 Gauge Girl brand recently and was thoroughly impressed by their themed fashion and accessories lines. We felt there could be a gap in the in the market over here for their products, so one of our team made contact, having first fallen in love with some of the products herself, and discussed the possibility of them shipping to the UK. The 12 Gauge Girl team were really helpful and provided us with an estimated delivery price of only $11! (based on Yorkshire); on top of their already very reasonable prices, that is a great price. We can also now confirm that the website shipping options have been updated to include a UK delivery option 🙂

12 Gauge Girl have done us the favor of giving us a shout out on their website; so even if you’re not looking for such items, help us return the favor by suggesting them to people who you might consider interested or share their page on Facebook, they are even on Twitter too, so consider following them. It is our belief at Firearms UK that small things such as ‘liking’ a Facebook page or buying a pair of earnings from a pro-gun organisation are just as important in securing our associated rights; after all, such actions add up over time.

Some products from 12 Gauge Girl

Thanks again to 12 Gauge Girl for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to have your organisation’s support acknowledged, please get in touch via our Facebook page or by e-mail, thank you.

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