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Supporter Harry will kindly be giving his time over the next few weeks to write some articles and reviews for us so we thought we would start with an introduction and what to expect!


A Bit About the Author.

Hi there, I’ve been in talks with Dave about coming on to do a little bit of blogging for the page. But why should you listen? Who am I to give advice or reviews? Well. Really, in truth. I am a nobody. I’m you’re average joe. Not experienced up to my eye-balls. Not ex-military or police. I guess I’m about as average as it comes when it comes to shooting; but that just might mean that I represent a much broader group of you that you think and show that shooting truly is a sport anyone can get involved with.

I started in shooting with an air rifle, laying down in the dirt with a heavy as lead Weihrauch 97K on a friends farm with my dad; later progressing up to shooting the old straight-pull Cadet GP (Straight Pull SA80A1 Variant) with the Army Cadet Force from age 14 onwards eventually being given the opportunity to shoot in CADSAAM (CADet Skill At Arms Match) competing against the other cadet forces and services. Which whilst I thoroughly enjoyed, I believe probably scored somewhere around the very bottom.

Since then, I’ve had been away from shooting for  a few years . I dipped into a bit of clay-shooting at age 18, taking a few lessons at my local club Sporting Targets (www.sportingtargets.co.uk) which was excellent and really brought me back to the enjoyment I experienced shooting in my youth. I found the cost somewhat prohibitive at that young age and with a low paid job sadly drifted away from shooting again.

Clay shooting

Fortunately for me, whist trawling the web I come across Callum of English Shooting. I very quickly watched and learned from  his ‘How to Get into Shooting’ videos (Still available on youtube) and ended up finding my local rifle club (Bedfordshire County Rifle and Pistol Association), who welcomed me with open arms and quickly got me signed up and shooting on their indoor range with a club Ruger 10/22. I enjoyed this  during my probationary period until being granted full membership and very quickly afterwards putting in for my FAC. (For non-shooters the probationary period of club membership is when you are taught basic firearms safety and competency, so if you’ve never shot before don’t be intimidated you will find clubs safe and fun places to learn the basics)

What really amazed me is the price I am able to shoot for at a club level. Okay the years membership fees are a little bit expensive for most at £200 +£50 Joining fee (Hey it’s cheaper than golf!- Dave ) but this I was able to spread over quarterly standing order, ammunition for the ever-fun .22LR sells from our club at £3.50 for a 50 pack of Blazer and my club subs for the night was an incredible £2. This covered use of the facilities, targets etc.. What I had essentially done is get myself shooting for around £5.50 a night. Less than a box of 25 cartridges for the 12 gauge!

we can still have some fun firearms conforming to UK legal specs

Ever since then my love of shooting sports has grown and grown. I have since got myself involved in shooting club Practical Shotgun matches, twice monthly Practical Mini-Rifle sessions, the NRA Practical postal league, the club bench rest centrefire and rimfire competitions as well as treating myself to some time shooting practical at another local club Silverstone Shooting Centre (www.silverstoneshootingcentre.co.uk) on their NRA Introduction to Practical Shooting course and on a private booking on their whole 100 metre practical range.

UK shooting can be dynamic with modern sporting rifles



Whilst I most certainly have a lot more to learn, I’m hoping I will be able to share with you all a few of the experiences I have enjoyed, and some of the things I pick-up as I continue along my firearms journey.

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